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Steven Holl Architects have connected buildings in a multipurpose hybrid

Multipurpose hybrid

Steven Holl Architects have finished building of the multipurpose complex consisting of eight towers connected among themselves.

The project has been named by the Best High-rise Building 2009 in Asia and Australia in competition which has taken place under home nursing Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. In a complex premises, hotel, a cinema, a children's garden, school, an underground parking, the commercial areas, public park are provided.


Eight towers are connected among themselves by a series of high-rise bridges which, by analogy to skyscrapers, have been named “skybridges”.

Architects hope, that this project will award Gold LEED Gold Certification, as the largest "green" multipurpose building. Geothermal wells under the base provide with depth of 100 metres heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The pond in the complex centre will detain the processed water used in buildings, in the winter a pond will freeze and turn to a skating rink.

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