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Landing Stage by Angus Meek

Landing stage

Bristol architect Angus Meek has won competition on restoration of landing stage Weston-super-Mare which have suffered in a fire in July of this year, having bypassed architects of five firms, including Grimshaw. Colourful and the shone 18 metre design which will cost not less than 10 million pounds sterling, has been chosen by owners of a mooring and 59% from 20,000 respondents voting for the project.


Exact data about voting are coded, but on hearings, company Grimshaw, the prize-winner of award Ferguson Mann has received less than 10% of voices, and the others of 31% were divided between AWW and Ray Hole Architects. The won project which consists of four similarity of a column and sidewalk round a building, is considered the most suitable to shape of the pier constructed in 1904.

Landing stage interior

Angus Meek — the director of company Roger Ellams — has told: “We scooped inspiration from quay elements — waves, beach huts, and also from radical architecture art-deco”. Kerry Michael, one of owners of a mooring, along with sister Michel, has declared, that “they aspired to find modern design which would be entered in historical surroundings of a pier”. This design with four pontoons — the best decision. Owners of a pier finance the project from the money resources private and received under the insurance. Building is planned to finish by 2010.

Landing stage project