Art & Architecture + social project

The educational centre for all and for everyone or how to spiritualise an industrial building

Educational centre

Often, behind a simple cover the furniture disappears very uneasy internally. This supervision very much corresponds to a new building which has constructed architectural bureau Planet 3 Studios Architecture. The new educational centre is custom-made Vidyalankar Institute of Technology.

Internally furniture

Architects converted an existing building in new object: they have taken out a core, have altered all inside and have added a new external cover. “The design which has turned out as a result, borrows natural language and forms”, — authors speak.


The external cover leaves free space between a building facade, forming zones for rest and work on the fresh air, protected from a wind and the sun. In a building laboratories, educational halls and a dining room are equipped.


The central object is executed in the form of a traditional flower, a lotus.