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Eco Bridge by Enrico Taranta

Taranta Creations is a global architectural firm with the office located in Shanghai China, within the Red Town Sculpture Park. the office operates within the fields of architecture, urban planning, art and interior design, their work reveals the commercial designs mainly the industries, offices, bridges and even libraries for public use.

The Eco Bridge was designed for the Chongqing municipality. This suspension bridge is a piece of engaging sculptural infrastructure, displaying different aesthetical and functional features depending of the view.

Observed from the top, the structure reveals a dragon-like shape- a composition of graceful curvatures supporting the gridded roof that diffuses the sun’s glare from above. Seen from the side, the complexity of the bridge is translated into a simple sinuous curvature that gently traverses the river.

The platform of the bridge is interconnecting with the green mountain sides, blurring the line between natural surroundings and man-made design.


Eco Bridge by Enrico Taranta {Taranta Creations}