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Hospital complex

Company RTKL — the international architectural company which is engaged in designing of buildings and constructions — in the end of this year begins erection of an innovative hospital complex by the area of 361,000 m. The complex will serve simultaneously more than 2200 patients. Project cost: 2,82 billion yuans (or 304 million euro). The control and management of building will be carried out by the best experts RTKL from office in Los Angeles.

Innovative embodiment

Company RTKL has been chosen as the contractor of the project as a result of competition in which 30 architectural firms participated. Desire of the customer — create a building which embodies: the innovative, progressive and ecological concept of the health centre.

The Western technologies and East culture

In a hospital complex, besides chambers with hospital cots, will take places: hospitals, the centre of the emergency help, infectious branch, audiences and lecture halls for experts and students of medical HIGH SCHOOLS, a hostel for pupils, an office building, a conference — a hall and a reception.

Marriott Marco Island Hotel by RTKL