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Google Books will scan the Italian libraries

Google's Book

Google Inc. and the ministry of culture of Italy have agreed about scanning of ancient books of national library of the country, informs The Wall Street Journal.

The Italian agreement

The corporation will be engaged in scanning of books in library of Rome and Florence. The agreement between the international corporation and the European country — the 1st for Italy. Google has similar agreements are available with the several large educational centres, for example: Oxford University, the Bavarian state museum and Madrid's Complutense University. All scanned materials will take places on web hosting by Google.

Book SearchAccording to the representative of the ministry of culture of Italy Mario Resca, thanks to scanning of old books, access to knowledge which contain in these books, will become simpler for many people.

There is also one more benefit for Italy: the corporation has promised to incur all expenses on scanning of books and to construct in the country the special centre. It means, that the project will give hundreds workplaces. Besides it, corporation Google intends to invest in building of a new webhosting in suburb of Rome.

Google's Book Project