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The Solar Energy Absorber
Vertical Village

The Futuristic Structure

For the next addition to a sky of the city of Dubai architectural studio Graft Lab answers. The new object is called “Vertical Village”. This set of multifunctional buildings applies on LEED Gold Certificate.

The architectural decision is optimized for climatic conditions of a place; the building minimizes heating from the sun and on-maximum uses possibilities for solar energy manufacture.
The building for itself creates a shade, in northern block, and on east and a West side is built in such a manner that penetration of long solar beams is complicated.

The Architectural Generation

The new object
Multifunctional buildings
LEED Gold Certificate
Building in Dubai

The Solar Energy in Dubai

Solar collectors in the south automatically rotate behind the sun. Crossing of intricate coal forms gives the chance to generate the internal block where pools are placed. The composite ensemble of separate buildings creates the integral project.