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Expocentre in Addis Ababa

Business hotel

The expocentre in Addis Ababa on a plan of founders should unite versatile city buildings. The expocentre will settle down in territory in the size of 4,5 acres. In the middle of the centre there will be already existing museum. From different directions the project will be surrounded with the entertaining on plan entertaining and trading complexes, business hotel and office premises.

Trading complex

The project for a city which searches for the individuality

The design decision tries to satisfy interests of natives and visitors of capital. For this purpose designers of firm FXFOWLE used a local landscape on which will create the area for live informal dialogue. Near to territory there will be the multistage building sculptural towers become which deification.

Entertaining complex

«New Flower»

The form and composition of towers are inspired by the city name. Addis Ababa — is translated, as «a new flower». The approximated facades of towers are similar to the structured, suddenly born, extraordinary flower which is turned petals to the sun.

Elements from the colour glass, entered in system of hinged tower walls, will allow to feel ecological compatibility of motley structures surrounding a complex. Buildings unlike against each other will change under blinking of colour glasses and will get the general sounding.