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Ultra-modern dugout in Switzerland

dugout in Switzerland

Modern dugout

Whether it is possible to hide simultaneously the house in a slope of the Swiss Alpes, to open before inhabitants a tremendous kind on surrounding city and the nature, and to make this dwelling accessible to light?

Small house in the Swiss Alpes

The input in a building is combined with a small court yard. Rather big facade of the house, with a more potential for spacious windows is inside hidden. The corner of the review from the house is slightly under a corner.

Local authorities do not welcome modern decisions in architecture. But this design has been apprehended positively, as an example of the pragmatic unostentatious project in very sensitive district.

Modern building

Modern decisions

Modern design

The given concept have apprehended as little bit absurd, but to interfere with building did not become.

By local residents it's approved!

It is interesting, that in Switzerland the statement of the building project is carried out after on a site the wooden model of a building is erected. Then inhabitants of the given district, representatives of local community either approve the project, or reject the project, proving it that the architectural design is not entered in a district general plan.