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Bump Key: safety of the lock under the threat

Bump Key

Several years ago in the West European mass-media the information asserting has flown, that almost all cylinder locks are not protected from a new technique of not authorised opening of key mechanisms, namely use "Bump Key".

Gold lockAt once it is necessary to comment, that the above-named method not is the new. According to experts about method Kwikset Bump Key it is known already more than 20 years.

Set of entrance doors are equipped by locks with usual brass cylinders (sometimes them name larvae). There are some ways to open such lock: to drill, beat out, break out, take advantage of a master key.

The basic models of the cylinders made by Italian company CISA, possess protection against drilling (an insert from the tempered steel), from a sledge hammer, from not authorised manufacturing of twirls (the number keys made only to bearer Security Card), from a master key (to 8 billion combinations of a key, an interactive mobile element). Additional protection is provided with installation of special protective armour overlays.

Bump Key Proof — will protect you the lock

BumpingBumping is a method of longitudinal shock influence on the cylinder lock. Process looks so: the special key (Bump Keys) and a small hammer is required to the malefactor. The burglar inserts into lock Bump Key and starts to tap slightly. Because of vibration the confidential mechanism of the lock can be arranged itself under Bump Key Sets which needs to be turned thus in a keyhole. It is a little patience — and the lock opens...

Now only specialised expert examination can help to prove to the owner the breaking fact. But whether to warn danger in advance is better?

CISA has given the worthy answer to this call of the criminal world. First of all it has been proved, that serial cylinder CISA RS3 with an interactive mobile element (patent CISA), does not give in to opening by a method bamping. But as superreliable cylinder RS3 does not belong to the class of cheap cylinders, CISA has set the task to develop a method of protection of other cylinders first of all most popular and claimed — series ASTRAL and AP3. Today CISA has solved this problem, having received the patent for conformity of cylinders RS3, AP3 S and ASTRAL S to European specifications EN 1303: 2005, including on the requirement of protection from bamping.

Cylinders AP3 S and ASTRAL S have special marks «BKP» (Bump Key Proof). At the expense of what will reach so high level of protection against breakings? We will pay attention, that to the cylinder name letter S — reduction of Italian word Sigillo in the end is added.

The design of these cylinders includes an insert from six rigid plates from the tempered steel and one flexible plate from stainless steel (for flexibility giving). If your house is reliably protected, it means not only safety of property and nerves, but also care of people close and expensive to you!

Bump Key Master Lock