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Foster + Partners will Create a Quay of Stockholm
Quay in Stockholm

Berg Arkitektkontor + Foster + Partners = City Quay

Foster + Partners, the well-known architectural bureau from Britain, will create the project of reconstruction of quay in Stockholm.

The Central Quay of Stockholm

Works are conducted in common with the Swedish architects from Berg Arkitektkontor. Architects intend to dismantle a part of the motorways lying over a surface of water which will replace with the foot paths connecting areas Södermalm and Gamla Stan.
The purpose of works — transformation of the central city zone in tourist, two new foot bridges will open for visitors very interesting and historically important city quarter, form system of movement for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Stockholm, Sweden

Thanks to the project new squares and quays will be accessible to townspeople and visitors whom messages to restaurants and cafe will, to places of cultural rest and entertainments, shops.