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Foster + Partners have reincarnated in Zenith

New musical centre

As a result of the international competition of design projects in the French city of Sent-Eten have constructed new musical centre "Zénith".

Musical Zenith

Musical centreThis offer of architectural bureau Foster + Partners became the winner in competition. The centre was necessary for this industrial region for motivation of local population, youth to positive development, and also creations of the regional cultural centre which would advance an image of region as a whole.

Very accurate structure of a roof became result of research of laws of aerodynamics; the roof is an ideal surface for interaction with a wind, directing air on channels for natural ventilation of premises.

The system is constructed purposefully for "reception" of northern and southern winds. In an underground part of a building the storehouse for air which, arriving by means of special system of a facade and a roof, is cooled is created and then it is supposed in premises. Lateral flaps create a shade in foyer.

Zenith in Sent Eten

Zénith in Sent Eten

The glass foyer will organise access to all premises and floors. Audiences are arranged very flexibly, they can contain from 1,100 to 7,200 persons. In an industrial part premises for make-up rooms of rooms, premises for rehearsals, storages of a requisite and scenery, a reception for VIP-persons are provided. There is a parking on 1,200 cars, an exit on foot parkway on which it is possible to get on railway station.