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Hotel of new type in Amsterdam


CitizenM is the hotel made of ready modules of rooms.

The hotel of new type is constructed in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The design of the project was developed by the Holland architectural studio, “Concrete”.

Each of two hundred thirty rooms has been constructed and arranged by furniture at factory. Then the received elements have been made together as containers by the ship — and the hotel has turned out.

The concept assumes reduction of all unnecessary expenses and removal of all unnecessary details. As a result of visitors receive magnificent conditions and comfort for very moderate price. In hotel of 230 numbers, 14 square metres everyone by the area.

Amsterdam hotel

All elements-rooms are made at own factory SitizenM, are mobile and are easily transported. Rooms are placed over the building ground floor where the dynamical lobby is placed, a drawing room, creative rooms, restaurant and a bar.

Company Concrete has thought up the concept which has defined new possibilities for creative process and a new way for all involved technologies.

CitizenM wishes to clone the concept and to construct more than 20 hotels next year, with use of technology of blocks. The second hotel will be constructed in Amsterdam, the third - in Glasgow. Other European cities now are in the field of research.

Schiphol Airport

As, according to owners CitizenM, everything, that is necessary for us during a stop in road is an excellent bed and a pure bathroom, they have concentrated on these details.

To save space, subjects from a bathroom are placed separately in a room. In the big glass cylinders are a shower and a toilet, in the small cylinder the bowl and additional space for storage of personal things is hidden.

Interior hotel

The space effective utilisation has given a life to effective decisions; for example, the mirror simultaneously is a place for storage. In a steel framework the mirror in full growth which, on the other hand, consists of a mirror for a make-up with illumination, departments for storage of sanitary articles, in hotel available the European, English and American sockets is concluded.

On either side of a bed night little tables are located. Under a bed the huge locker for suitcase storage in an open kind or other personal things is placed. Sockets on a forward part of a bed allow to connect your laptop or phone.

Hotel Holland

Designers have tried to create as much as possible house conditions — zones for work, rest, meal. The design of rooms is created together with furniture brand Vitra. The furniture will periodically vary, that will allow Vitra to organise additional show-rum of production.

Electronic terminal

The philosophy of a new hotel brand is that:

“Small rest in road is necessary to All travellers. To researchers, wise men, dandies, businessmen, adventurers and dreamers. They are independent and individual, but they are united by one — aspiration to travel positively. For all mobile citizens of the world. CitizenM”

Hotel in Amsterdam