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Hotel for visitors from the future

Future Hotel

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO from Stuttgart, architects from bureau LAVA have created design of a room of hotel of the future which became a part of the research project.

In a room the special illumination co-operating with biorhythms of the person, and a window with the projected image is equipped. Architects describe a room as the demonstration project which investigates interaction between architecture, technology and a human body.

Future Hotel enters into project IAO Inhaus2, which main accent — to correspond to expectations and requirements of visitors, by means of use of technologies of tomorrow. Mixing borders between technologies and an interior, in design of a room last innovations in the field of media both visual communications, and the prototypes of products created by known manufacturers are shown.

Future interior

Technologies function on a background, imperceptibly, giving possibility personally to supervise media, light, a climate. In a room there is a bed with active comfort, an intellectual mirror, the huge display-window, light adapting for biorhythms of the person.

The soft transitions, the accented individual corners create special atmosphere in a room, the external form of "capsule" becomes the interface showing interaction of the person and technologies, soft and firm materials, balance between functionality.

Hotel, Germany

Applying methods of parametrical design and semi-automatic technologies, architects from LAVA have created realistic design the concept of the house of the future.