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«Ziggurat» — a future city


«Ziggurat» represents a tower from the parallelepipeds put against each other or the truncated pyramids.

Timelinks — the leading ecological company of the project, has chosen Dubai to create a viable city of the future.

The city in the form of a futuristic pyramid can carry out ability to live to one million person, using power of the nature. Ridas Matonis, general director Timelinks, has told: “Community «Ziggurat» completely provide the residing for the account of steam energy, a wind power and natural natural resources of district”.

Timelinks underlines, that the project does not destroy natural ecology of district as the base of buildings reclines all on 10% of a surface of the earth. Public and private agriculture not only will brighten up leisure to many inhabitants, but also will improve appearance of constructions. On all complex 360-degree transport messages will be laid, thus — cars remain not with affairs — in any point of constructions possibility very quickly will reach on foot.

Future city

The operating director of the International Institute of City Environment has told: "the General tendency of the Project «Ziggurat» — viability from the technical point of view. However we are set really till now by questions which do not give us rest, here for example — whether will suffice received in «Ziggurat» a foodstuff on all inhabitants and whether people in a mega-building in 2.3 sq. km will want to live?"

Timelinks has already patented the project and the technology included in the project and has addressed to the European union for grant granting on a technical part of the project.

«Ziggurat» — a future city {utopia}