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Four inhabited complexes in the Emirates from RNL

Abu-Dhabi, project

On the annual congress of the international investments into the real estate of the United Arab Emirates, taken place in Abu Dhabi, company RNL has presented four variants of development of city areas.

Ambitious projects Al Ghadeer, Ghantoot, Lu’Luat Al Raha, Shams, assume expenses for building of inhabited complexes for 8-100 thousand inhabitants on the areas more than 15-18 million in sq.m.

The general for projects RNL — aspiration to create functional city structures in which there will be an environment favorable for the pedestrian and all-round comfort of residing.


Al Ghadeer — building around borders Dubai and Abu Dhabi — becomes the main centre between these two cities. Three million sq. m. of a site will give accessible habitation of average density of building for 20,000 inhabitants, some foot tunnels will allow to carry out an easy approach to any point of quarter, and technological features, such as universal Wi-Fi, will make a finding this quarter the most comfortable.

Project Ghantoot in Abu Dhabi — an inhabited complex for 100,000 inhabitants who should enjoy a site similar to a resort in this historical oasis, located along a gulf halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with convenient access to local ports and the airports. Company RNL has planned this complex as the unique and viable centre of multiuse focused on tourist business. Landing stages for yachts, prove the horse centre, beach resort hotel and a golf course once again, that rest will be unforgettable.

Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Lu’Luat Al Raha in the centre of the harbour with the same name the Suburban system of a high-speed tram in this area includes 470 000 sq. m. of area on recently modernised island in 235 000 sq. m. will connect the airport of Abu Dhabi to city centre.

Unlike other projects, Shams in Abu Dhabi will be the unique complex consisting mainly from high-rise buildings. Literally meaning “the Sun of Abu Dhabi” Shams Abu Dhabi, will be the prospering centre of city activity.

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Four inhabited complexes in the Emirates from RNL {skyscraper}