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2008 Cityscape (Dubai)
Schumacher tower

Michael Schumacher's Tower

Architects Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser — representatives Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA) on only opened world event — Cityscape 2008 event in Dubai — the grandiose project of the present — tower Michael Schumacher — the world champion in racing sports Formula-1.
On seventh of October in Dubai a legend Formula-1 Michael Schumacher has presented the first of seven towers which will be constructed worldwide. Thanks to the unique concept developed Joachim Swensson, the founder of brand PNYG:COMPANY, the building represents firm architecture of new generation.

The Dubai Tower Project

“The tower marks itself a withdrawal from traditional architectural thinking”, have declared Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser — authors of such known bulks, as the Water cube in Beijing and Museum Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

Dubai project

“This project unites all our previous experience — the project of a museum for Mercedes-Benz, with the spatial concept and last novelties of digital design, or technology of water cubed, in the Peking project, with creation of the tremendous atmosphere developed by deliberate replacement of a molecular science, architecture and phenomenology”, — Chris Bosse speaks.
Inspired by the geometrical organization of the most ordinary snowflake and aerodynamics of racing cars of the Formula-1, the tower reflects speed, dynamics of liquids, the future technologies and the natural structural organizations simultaneously. Instead of simple imitation of the form, architects have taken grace and unpredictability, highly effective structure and intriguing spaces from the nature.

Trend Technology of the Modern Skyscrapers

“Unique cooperation with Michael Schumacher has given us new ideas. The technology, accuracy, speed, grace, were the big source of inspiration for design. On analogies to a Formula-1 repair shop, tower building it will be executed with attraction of a considerable quantity of highly skilled experts. In this sense architects will take a place of the driver in competitions Formula-1″, adds Alexander Riec.

Dubai tower project

The project termination is planned for June, 2011.


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