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The project of the highest tower in the world is promulgated

Dubai, highest tower

Developer company Nakheel in these days off has promulgated the plans for building of the highest tower in the centre of Dubai.

The building height will reach 1 kilometre and will eclipse itself the highest for today a tower in the world — Burj Dubai.

Nakheel the tower becomes a part of the project, named New Dubai which will be stretched more than on 270 hectares. And, predictably, will manage in 21 trillion of pounds sterling.

Representatives of company Nakheel have told, that instead of a unique kernel as it is accepted at building of skyscrapers, at their this building will be four, that is inspired by "traditional Islamic structures”.

Acting in the Near East the chief executive of company Chris O'Donnell has declared, that global credit crisis will not affect plans on tower erection. Also, he has told, that means for building will arrive under the following scheme — “earth presale inside and round a tower, and then project financing”.

The message on the given project is dated for beginning Cityscape 2008 event in Dubai. On this action it is expected to involve more than 60000 visitors from 150 countries. The exhibition will include more than 1500 exhibitors.

Highest tower


The project of the highest tower in the world is promulgated {tower}