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News 07/22

Olympic Stadium is in the running for Stirling prize goldThe six shortlisted candidates for the most coveted British award for architecture are announced today and the 2012 Olympic Stadium, pilloried by some for being too plain and functional, is in the running. the Stirling prize is handed out each year by Riba, the Royal Institute of British Architects, after a panel of judges have considered the merits of significant new buildings throughout the European Union which have "made the greatest contribution to British architecture". Previous winners include 30 St Mary Axe, London, better known as the Gherkin, the Scottish parliament building and the Gateshead Millennium bridge. the Olympic Stadium of London was produced by Populous, formerly known as Hok Sport, is an architectural firm specializing in the design of sports facilities and convention centers, as well as planning of major special events. .........................................................................................

Wim Wenders 3D Architecture Film For Venice Architecture Biennale Following the success of 2011’s 3D film “Pina,” German filmmaker Wim Wenders announces his next project will be about Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. the film is expected to take several years to complete, but a short trailer will be shown at the Venice Architecture Biennale this August.With both “Pina” and the new architecture project, Wenders is attempting to capture on film, a traditionally two-dimensional medium, that which is inherently three-dimensional. in contrast with action and adventure films that exploit 3D technology for sensationalist purposes, Wenders’s subtle use of 3D in “Pina” created the impression of being at a live dance performance, providing atmosphere without being distracting or disorientating. “Pina” was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2011 Academy Awards. in a 2011 interview Wenders stated: “I have actually already started a long-term project, another documentary in 3D. … I have always wanted to do a film about architecture, and I have a lot of architect friends. But that is another subject I never really knew how to approach with film. I realized through ‘Pina’ that architecture is something that could have a real affinity to the medium.”