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Mildura Victoria 3500, Australia: Langtree Mall Pavilion by Bellemo & Cat

The development of big box shopping centres on the edge of Regional towns can leave a vacuum in the centre. For this particular project, the Mildura Rural City Council decided to reshape the former fiscal centre into the civic heart by redeveloping Langtree Mall, essentially a retail precinct.


This redevelopment called for a new surface treatment, shade structures, a pavilion and kiosks. the design was developed utilising inspiration from the Mildura region and in particular, site visits by plane.


An aerial view of the Murray River is inscribed onto the pavement and winds its way through the length of the mall. Just as people and townships are attracted to the river, elements such as shelters and furniture hug the edge of the river alignment through the mall.


The pavement pattern itself is also an interpretation of an aerial view of Mildura and its agricultural patchwork. A key component of the redesign of the mall was to open up the ends of the mall and clear out the existing clutter.


Existing buildings within the mall will be converted to smaller kiosk pods, enabling businesses to embrace the al fresco lifestyle which appeals to Mildura. Given Mildura’s wealth of sunshine, the design aims to maximise the effect of sun and shade.


A series of solar pergolas provide sheltered areas along the river alignment, whilst also harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels. A large multi-use pavilion creates latticed shade patterns in the centre of the mall, effectively becoming the heart of Mildura’s Cbd.


The new mall will become a model for sustainability in Mildura by incorporating water harvesting techniques, recycling materials and putting energy back into the grid with solar panels. by incorporating a range of multi-use spaces scattered along the spine of the Murray River art work, hansen has breathed new life into one of Mildura’s key public spaces.


Though a small structure, it has become a focal point for the town, a place where concerts and markets are held, where people can meet in all weather. It has sufficient size and vernacular relevance to become a local landmark, a reference point for both residents and visitors, or a destination all its own.


Location: Mildura, Australia Architect: Bellemo & Cat Landscape architect: Hansen Partnership Year: 2012 Client: Mildura Rural City Council

9.2/10 (849)

Mildura Victoria 3500, Australia: Langtree Mall Pavilion by Bellemo & Cat {Urban Design}