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John Ford House design
John Ford House design
"The Ford House was built in 1887 as part of a large tract of simple middle-class homes in downtown Los Angeles built by the Beaudry Brothers. It would be unremarkable today if not for its original owner, John J. Ford, a very prolific and well-known wood carver. Ford's works include carvings for the California State Capital, the Iolani Palace in Hawaii, and Leland Standford's private railroad car.

John Ford purchased the home as it was being completed. At the height of the Industrial Revolution when all decorative elements for house exteriors were being mass produced, Ford used his skills as a woodcarver to adorn his home. The exterior and interior carvings were all done by hand in ornate, one-of-a-kind patterns. The house, a combination of Italianate and Queen Anne styles, was located on Beaudry Street, between First and Third Streets in downtown Los Angeles.

Over the years, the interior was altered several times, including its use as a four apartment complex. However, the Ford House will be restored to its original condition."

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