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Faena Aleph Residences [Argentina, Buenos Aires]
Argentina, Buenos Aires

The Faena District in Argentina is now home to Foster + Partners’ first completed project in Latin America. Owned by Faena Group, the district totes architectural designs by some of the industry’s most expressive figures including Philippe Starck whose Faena Hotel incorporates a number of recycled silos and the Faena Arts Center by Mike McCormack and Faena Group Architects which evolved from an old mill.

“Faena District was inspired by a desire for redefining the concept of ‘dwelling’ and ‘habitat’, and was conceived as a constantly evolving work of art, a unique piece that offers an alternative lifestyle - different, rich, engaging. We are seeking to redefine how we live in cities, by combining culture, green spaces and architecture: we want to generate more general awareness.”

“The Aleph is a building that is very much borne of its place. From the traditional Buenos Aires house, which takes advantage of the climate to combine outdoor with indoor living, to the industrial architecture legacy of the Puerto Madero District, the Aleph creates a wonderful new living environment that is unique to the Faena Arts District.” says Brandon Haw, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners.

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