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Brand Space of the Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank

New Interior of the Bank

As the sector of financial services is very abstract to most people, the main challenge with regards to the contents was to develop innovative and exciting narrative formats that create a tangible experience. Design wise we wanted to avoid permanent spatial logos that dominate and frame the space with simple 3D extrusion, thus, we had to find a subtle though still clearly recognisable way of translating it into spatial architecture.

As part of the redesign of their corporate headquarters, Deutsche Bank took the opportunity to create a permanent brand space. The brief was to shape an environment where their well-known logo designed by Anton Stankowski is embodied within the space and where customers, employees and external visitors would be able to experience and to connect with the Deutsche Bank brand. All relevant aspects of the company, beginning with its history and extending to its various business divisions and their contributions to society today should be communicated to the visitor.

Using the concept of anamorphosis abstract architectural structures have been designed to only reveal themselves as the logo when viewed from specific sweet spots. Parts of the logo sculptures are formed by incorporated media installations that allow the visitor to physically experience and interact with the brand. One of the sculptures is touch-sensitive – here networked information bits can be explored. The second reacts to the visitor, whose physical motions trigger the display of statistic data. The third, a kinetic sculpture communicates the brand values precision and passion in a metaphorical, emotional way.

Since the opening on April 6, more than 20,000 visitors came to see the Brand Space. Board members use the space to hold receptions, functions such as HR are using it for employee activities, bank managers invite partners and clients, and the press department welcomes journalists in the Brand Space. Moreover, marketeers from international companies come to experience the space, as it’s the first brand space for a financial services brand.

Advertiser/Client: DEUTSCHE BANK;
Entrant Company: ART+COM Berlin, GERMANY;
DM/Advertising Agency: ART+COM Berlin, GERMANY;
2nd DM/Advertising Agency: COORDINATION Berlin, GERMANY;
Creative Director: Joachim Sauter (ART+COM);
Creative Director: Jochen Gringmuth (Coordination);
Project Manager: Gert Monath (ART+COM);
Art Director: Eva Offenberg (ART+COM);
Art Director: Petra Trefzger (ART+COM);
Architect: Jeanette Riedel (Coordination);
Head Of Media Technology: Björn Seeger (ART+COM);
Designer: Arne Michel (ART+COM);
Computational Designer: Christian Riekoff (ART+COM);
Head Of Development: Sebastian Heymann (ART+COM).

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main