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The Berg
The Berg

The Berg Growth

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You desire most what you can’t have. Berliners have it all: world class museums, night clubs, parks, lakes, the sea at a two hour drive - the only thing impossible for flat Berlin remains a veritable mountain; which doesn’t mean we can’t have one… when Berlin’s senate called for ideas in an architectural competition for Berlin’s famous Tempelhof airport we seized the opportunity.

At the time Tempelhof enjoyed unprecedented public attention due to the public row over its future use that had even led to a plebiscite. Our proposal to just imagine and pretend the most beautiful of all mountains on the site of the “mother of all airports” instead of adding another mediocre housing project might be rejected by grey administrators, but would fascinate many people as much as it fascinated us. We speculated on The Berg’s potential to emancipate from the competition to become a topic in its own right.


The Berg {mountain}