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Art and Architecture

Art & Architecture

The conceptual project of Performance Center Alexanderhoehe is developed by experts from the US architectural studio «B+U Architecture» for Iserlohn (Germany). The new futuristic architectural art structure should become ultra-modern continuation of an existing building of Parktheater theater.

Germany city landscape
Germany, Iserlohn

Art Modern Architecture

The conceptual center combined with an art architecture will construct on a North side of the city special for view of the new visual reference point.

Architectural Art

The Art of Architecture

Orientation of a new building will promote creation of a uniform point of access for visitors of Parktheater and the new cultural center. To avoid block of Parktheater by walls of new art building and to reach extremely effective visually-spatial communications have been created generous multilevel foyers with glass facades from which the kind on Parktheater and a city landscape opens. The modern art scene in new futuristic structure is located so that to create effect of soaring.

Performance Center
Modern Architecture
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