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Room Interior in the Japanese Style
Interior of Japanese Life Style

Oldest Kabuki Theatre (Japan)

If you wish to stylize a room interior in the Japanese stylistics — use own experience is priority, because only you know what you want. Don't use the global brain! It's possible to apply imagination and to decorate an interior with the several bright Japanese accessories designating certain Japan style. But in Japanese stylistics it's necessary to adhere to minimalism rules.

For zoning of the area of a room in Japanese style easy parting walls (glass, a tree, a bamboo) or painted screens are actively used. It gives a special glamor to an interior and allows to use the areas effectively.
Are excellently allocated the walls decorated by pictures on a rice paper with landscapes of the country of a rising sun, or portrait engravings of geisha.

Minimalism — the Basic Line of Japanese Stylistics

Japanese Interior
Japanese Minimalism
Style of Japan

The Japanese Minimalism

For refinishing of walls, a ceiling, it's better to select colors neutral and light: white, gray, color of a tree. But if would be desirable brightness — experiment with saturated green (colors of a fresh grass). In refinishing pertinently to use bamboo: panels of wall, a track bed of parting walls, floor mats on a floor, bamboo regiments, armchairs, chairs, vases…
Furniture in Japanese style low enough, steady, correct geometrical forms. With such configuration of furniture always the modern technics well harmonizes.

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Room Interior in the Japanese Style {style}