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The World Timeshare

Apartment house

The timeshare — unique system of rest and pleasure to own own apartment house for rest — a summer residence.

The international Legislative Right

Timeshare basis is the Right protected by the International Legislation concerning possession of the property of concrete apartments on a certain resort area of the World. And as following from this — is the legal right of the proprietor: to have a rest for himself, to allow the friends to have a rest with you or instead of you, possibility to lease your apartment, to sell or exchange.

The timeshare is the most attractive part of system of rest is a huge choice of luxury resorts: more than 3,000 clubs in more than 80 countries of the World. Timeshare rental it's real chance to have: traditional English manors, the romantic French cottages, Polynesian bungalows, cosy small houses near to the Mediterranean coast etc.

How to Sell a Timeshare


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