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Olympic clouds

The Cloud

The transparent bubbles will soar over the main stadium of Olympic Games '12. This digital cloud will serve as a viewing platform, and also will be the stand for the huge plasma display.

Clouds over London

The Cloud — this enterprise advanced by the international command of architects, designers and the engineers, including one of known laboratories — MIT SENSEable City Lab. The project "The Cloud" is the applicant for the best ornament of the Olympic park proclaimed Boris Johnson (the mayor of London).

The Cloud in London

Olympic London

Clouds in London

Olympic games is a fine occasion to introduce something not ordinary and innovative in shape of conservative London.

Clouds by Tomas Saraceno

Initiators "The Cloud" say, that the thought on a congestion of manned bubbles "has sprouted" from works of the German designer of the Argentina origin of Tomas Saraceno which built time and again inflatable sculptures and installations of a thin transparent film.

In all cases the plan provided interaction of object and spectators who were offered to plunge into a construction, and even to "do some flying" in clouds.