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Rain chains instead of drains
Rain chainFor gathering of rain water drainpipes are usually used. Despite long-term tradition of their use, it is possible to note some lacks: it is not visible problems in pipes, the regular control and service is required, at last, them will not name beautiful.

Rain chain — made in Japan

Japanese rain chainRecently more and more popular worldwide there are rain chains which are used for a long time in Japan for gathering of rain water. Their doubtless advantages are not only aesthetic value, but also ease of installation, absence of necessity of additional service, durability, stability to temperature drops. It is possible to use the most different variants for gathering of rain water.

The rain chain is an excellent ornament of the house and a garden in any weather. During rains of a droplet of water, hitting about chain links, create a soft melodious sound. The Japanese rain chain easily fasten on roof corners, providing a drainage system in any capacities.

Copper rain chainsIn Japan for these purposes usually use copper or ceramic bowls. You can put any capacity for water gathering, for example, traditional flanks. The collected water then can be used for watering of house plants as rain water does not contain some chlorine and fluorides as potable water.

Iridescent Japanese garden