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Multicultural shopping centre in Toronto

Shopping in Canada

Remington Centre will put to a city of 74,000 sq. m. commercial and floor spaces and becomes the largest multicultural shopping centre in the North America. New complex will construct in northern area Toronto, here will take places more than 360 shops.

Grandiose shopping in Toronto

In new shopping centre traditions of east markets and the European boutiques will be mixed. Building of an additional tower with hotel which will adjoin the centre becomes the second stage of the project. The tower in height of 20 floors will give to interested persons of 475 hotel rooms of a class lux.

Shopping centre in Toronto

Shopping in Toronto

Shopping project

Shopping room

Shopping in Canada

In the centre there will be an underground parking with 6 levels where 3,500 cars can take places. On the external area (2,5 hectares) the fine pond which will turn to a skating rink in the winter in the summer will sparkle; here the constant scene with cascade falls will be constructed, planned to carry out weekly cultural actions (2,000 visual places).