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Design kilometre

Design kilometre

The given architectural decision for Hua Qiang Bei Road in the Chinese city of Shenzhen command WORKac has offered. The design project corresponds to growing commercial value and character of territory — this tendency has led to a problem of transport congestion and stoppers. Architects have suggested to make a series of strategic crossings of road.

5 Exclusive Lanterns

The project consists from “5 conceptual lanterns”, each of which has the function. Lanterns are visible from apart — by the way, during day heat they create a shade.

Chinese street

Architectural street

Architectural project

Kilometre street

Night prospectus

Night Chinese Street

Each of lanterns carries out the own social program; in one the electronic museum, in other — information centre, in other — viewing pavilion is organised. Under the earth lanterns are connected with each other, in this zone has been created four additional metro stations.