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Sean's Kitchen Restaurant
Luxury restaurant

Luxury Restaurant in Sydney

Sean Kitchen — the project of studio BEE Design opened in September, 2008 in Sydney.
The head cook and owner Sean Connelly (the Winner of popular competition head cook Sydney Morning Herald in 2007) supervises over this dynamical restaurant.

Sean Kitchen by Sean Connelly

The restaurant consists of the several zones named “contact points”. In each of such zones various variants of a delicatessen and a decor that gives possibility to diversify the menu in the same institution, at invariable quality of service. Zones are named: Tapas Bar, Ocean Shelf, Patio Bar and Lounge.

Lounge Bar
Ocean Shelf
Patio Bar
Restaurant in Sydney

Restaurant in Sydney (Australia)

The restaurant on 300 places, with the Mediterranean interiors perfectly combines in the interior earthy shades red and brown with sharp illumination.
However the most intriguing aspect of a premise is the openness of area for cooking of the dishes, allowing to observe skillful masters of culinary arts in work and all movement of the kitchen personnel.