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New vision of office space for clerks


Architects Herzog & de Meuron have developed design of the central office for Spanish bank group BBVA.

Bank on suburbs of Madrid

The building, which building is planned to finish in 2013 year, will be on suburbs of Madrid.

The building is in new area, is surrounded by office centres, the commercial real estate and residential buildings. In this cold, reserved place architects have suggested to erect an artificial garden, an oasis which would involve outside inside. The linear structure of a three-storyed structure is laid out by a carpet, following district topography. The cool and damp microclimate is inside created.

Spanish bank

Spanish bank BBVA

The design plan promotes dialogue: instead of spending time in lifts, employees can walk in parallel corridors and meet with each other. The big degree of a transparency creates sensation of a generality whereas rather small working compartments allow employees to keep feeling of own identity.