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In the European Union since 2010 forbid standard lamps

Andris Piebalgs

The eurocommissioner on power Andris Piebalgs has promised to develop legislative offers on introduction in the Usual lampEuropean Union since 2010 of an interdiction for trade in usual lamps on which share it is necessary an order of 80% of the European market, have informed on Saturday the Belgian mass-media.

According to the eurocommissioner, refusal of such lamps and transition on ampoule a led will allow to reduce to 60% a current consumption house economy, and also will promote the aims laid down by EU to lower on 20% by 2020 annual consumption of an electricity in member countries of this regional organisation.

Londoners can exchange usual lamps for the harmless free of charge

Eco lampCampaign for an exchange of usual lamps on harmless (economical) lamps starts on Friday in London, the mayoralty of the British capital has informed.

Social campaign which carries the amusing name "lamp amnesty", is sponsored by a network of department stores B&Q and portal Simulateur D'aube. Within three days all interested persons can exchange free of charge two old lamps on two economical.

LampsBy estimates of the power companies, each such lamp will allow to reduce harmful emissions in atmosphere at the expense of fuel burning to 120 tons of carbonic gas a year, and for the simple British will save 7 pounds sterling at the payment of invoice for an electricity.

Economic ampoule burn as brightly, as well as usual lamps, but serve approximately in 12 times longer and consume on 80% of less electricity.

European Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs