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Burnham Pavilions in Millennium Park

Millennium Park

Two pavilions which should become a tribute of memory Daniel Burnham which will note 100-year-old anniversary, have opened in Millennium Park (Chicago). Designers — two modern legends: Ben van Berkel and Zaha Hadid. Though, pavilion Zaha Hadid has been left unfinished, but pavilion opening even in a semikind has received the good criticism: “the Aluminium design of pavilion bewitches, to crowd has very much liked”, — has told Sallie Gaines, the press-secretary of action.

Burnham Pavilions by Ben van Berkel & Zaha Hadid

Expecting pavilion Zaha Hadid opening, it is possible to receive now already aesthetic pleasure from the second work, pavilion Ben van Berkel. It consists of two parallel panels, a roof and a floor, connected by three support. The pavilion will be highlighted especially at night.

Project by Ben van Berkel

Art pavilions

To receive the maximum impressions, you need to walk very quickly on pavilion.

Art project in Chicago

Art-pavilion in Millennium Park