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Over a city high overcast is expected


This cloud not idle time, it power: the command of leading architects and engineers has shown to the world the concept of unique structure which becomes a symbol of Olympic games of 2012 year.

Inflatable cloud

The easy transparent tower comes to an end with a cloud consisting of inflatable spheres at top. This design will help to create amusing 3D-show with the sky of London.

Sky of London

Carlo Ratti, the representative of one of leaders of the project (MIT SENSEable Cities Laboratory), has described the Cloud as “the new form of collective expression and experience, a symbol of a new epoch: it is a sign, rather than than simply material”.

Artist Tomas Saraceno, designer Alex Haw, expert Joerg Schleich also have entered into a command, engineering group Arup, landscape architect Agence Ter, and also company Google, writer Umberto Eco and professor Antoni Muntadas.


The size of a cloud depends on the finance which will be collected on the project. Every possible resources will be involved in gathering on cloud building, including Facebook and Twitter; Google will provide the project with contextual advertising and promo-campaign on YouTube.

“Obama has shown us a good example — it is necessary to include all possibilities of global community in an advertising campaign”, — makes comments Margo Miller. The project budget is mobile, as well as structure — the Cloud can be constructed both on $5 million, and on $50 million; how many will collect money, on so much and will construct.

Especial interest

The cloud will eat energy of the sun and people, will convert and make the new. The in itself structure of a cloud is innovative; authors consider as achievement a transparency, minimum use of materials at which use the volume considerable quantity will be made.

On a cloud the plasma monitors showing the actual information on event are placed; they will be visible from any area of a city. Screens — especial interest for Google. It corresponds to company mission — to organise the world information.

Good example

Olympic cloud in London