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In the supermarket centre there was a green emptiness

Green sculpture

Architects from LAVA have thought up installation in shopping centre in Sydney. The creation has been named Green Void.

Green sculpture in Sydney

Really green sculpture in height of 20 metres also it is powerful 40 kilogrammes consists of the easy fabric tense on an aluminium basis.

Really green sculpture

Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck from LAVA, Laboratory for Visionary Architecture have thought up installation specially for five-floor shopping centre. The design has been developed by means of digital technologies.

On “Media Wall” it is placed 11 monitors showing process of creation, sculpture installations, and also last international works LAVA.


Shop in Sydney

Shopping centre

The main theme of work — mutual relations between the person, the nature and technologies.

Sensual, Green and Digital, installation embody bases of creativity of the authors who have opened recently offices in Sydney, Abu Dhabi and Stuttgart.

Green Void by LAVA