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Figurative facade for a beauty salon

Couture Salon

Reconstructing appearance of facade Hair Couture Salon, architects, bureaus “x Architekten” should solve the main task — the place is on a silent small street, nearby to trading arteries of a city, therefore it was necessary to make something such to entice people and to be visible from apart.

Lock of architectural hair

The turned out design looks as a three-dimensional lock of architectural hair which recline a wave on a facade.

Simultaneously, such dynamical variant carries out one more important function — the lattice closes that is created inside from passers-by, and creates the necessary atmosphere in salon.
From each point of the review the facade looks differently.

Hair Couture

Hair Couture Salon

The laminated cloths placed vertically on various distance and under a various corner to a front wall, were used as a material for a wave. Individual parametres for each cloth paid off in 3D.

Contextual conformity

To context there corresponds also colour of the laminated cloths — a soft golden shade, somewhere in between categories "blonde" and "brunette".