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Promo-pavilion for the city of Żory

New pavilion

In the Polish city of Żory Nobel prize winner Otto Stern was born. What is known about this place? Now visitors of a city, tourists, investors, partners can find out it directly on entrance, in new pavilion under the bright name “FLAME”. The author of the project — OVO Grabczewscy Architekci.

Fire festival

The city name, Żory means fire, a flame. For city building, it was necessary to burn wood, therefore such name. Traditions remain; in the summer the annual Festival of Fire here is held, on a city logo the small flame is represented.

Art project

It is obvious, that the pavilion building should cause associations with fire. The building consists of three independent walls which are imposed against each other. Their composition and an external covering copper gives rise to set of reflexions. Inside concrete designs are left untouched, the floor is laid by a black stone.

In Pavilion two basic spaces. One — exhibition and the second — presentation. Under a glass floor the city breadboard model is located.

Promo pavilion

Breadboard model of exhibition hall FLAME