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Norman Foster has become interested in lunar architecture

Norman Foster

Bureau Foster + Partners, the well-known British architect, will take part in the program on studying of prospects of building of buildings on the Moon. Details of the project do not disclose, but, according to edition Building Magazine, bureau Foster + Partners will be engaged in studying of the materials existing on the Moon and Mars and potentially suitable for building.

The project will be a part of the big program "Aurora" of the European Space Agency. The representative of a bureau has informed, that a certain tender is provided, but on details to make comments has refused.

Spaceport for Virgin Galactic

The Guardian reminds, that Foster + Partners is engaged in designing of the first-ever private spaceport by request of company Virgin Galactic. Spaceport should open in 2011 in desert in the State of New Mexico.

The well-known architectural bureau

Norman Foster — the winner of every possible architectural awards, architectural bureau Foster + Partners was engaged in the project such known constructions, as: a covered court yard of the British museum, reconstruction Reichstag in Berlin, Hurst's tower in New York, the London skyscraper.