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Interior on service at knowledge

Academic building

Cooper Union — one of the oldest educational institutions in America (since 1859). Establishment specialisation is science and art advancement, and on the basis of idea, that knowledge of the highest quality should be accessible also, as water and air.

In a unification — force!

The internal concept of a building is an engine which strengthens interaction and cross-country-disciplinary dialogue between college and three schools which took places earlier in separate buildings, and today take places under a roof of the uniform centre.

wide ladder

The vertical space is the central place for informal dialogue, an intellectual and creative exchange, it forms heart of a new academic building. All levels of a building, from the first to last floor are connected by a wide ladder.

Visual transparency of knowledge

“Symbolising idea of accessible knowledge, a building openly city”, — is spoken Thom Mayne, by the author of the concept.
“The visual transparency of public zones connects institute to a physical, social and cultural component of a city”.
Space distribution: 820 sq.m. of public zones, more 16 000 sq.m. (9 floors) educational zones (laboratory, studio, classes, student's zones).

Spiral staircase