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UFO-House by Solaleya Domes

Roof house

The UFO Houses

Similar houses completely overturn representation of people about a harmonious and harmless inhabitancy. Dream of scientific visionaries-rotating UFO-Homes from French company Solaleya Domes are rather technological and ecologically pure houses. At the heart of a building small mechanical structure which softly rotates for the account of the energy generated by solar panels on a roof.

UFO-Homes Not only offer new trend in global approaches to building, but also introduce the most serious architecture of the tendency of the present.

UFO house

Here is how describe the child the designer of company Patrick Origine:

The concept of houses is based on indisputable truths. First, the form. Our feet constantly write out curves round us, our field of vision covers the curvilinear form. It is enough to look upwards, to the right, to the left, downwards — we see circular area.
The circle, sphere — optimum forms which we observe in all that surrounds us: molluscs, seeds, holes and nests, eventually the form of our planet and other galactic objects. All fantastic in consciousness of people is connected with spherical in volumes.

All Western world, with all Greek-Roman architectural thought, has been generated from these forms which accompany for a long time already mankind. In a womb of mother we live in curve spherical area. Balance in an environment of right angles is not peculiar to us. Nevertheless, in a little bit last centuries we live in angular premises, not realising that these forms have no anything the general that the nature is fated to us from a birth.

The person should breathe pure air, easy live, consuming production of local manufacture. Spirituality of the spherical form disappears from time immemorial in domes of Christian and Buddhist churches, in Muslim mosques.

Round roof

Set of spherical buildings presidents, the congresses, museums serve as working premises.
Fortunately, the Western world gradually realizes necessity of re-planning of sharp angular outlines for a harmonious inhabitancy.

Secondly, capacity and settling density. A planet the Earth much more, than we think - the average area which is necessary on one soul of the population makes 1,8 hectares, more than 7 hectares on pair with 2 children. Concentration of inhabitants grows in modern cities every day and causes the increasing anxiety in the living. Skyscrapers exhaust people, scientists have nicknamed them for a long time, as a ghetto of social isolation.

Round house

Thirdly, adaptability to manufacture and ecological compatibility of materials. Domes are made of the FSC-certificated wood, ecological compatibility, excellent temperature constancy. For increase of fire resistance, a wall are processed by coal absorbent which slows down oxygen penetration to a surface.

That, simultaneously, increases resistibility to rotting. According to the experts, the received design appears more strongly ferro-concrete. Cedar roofs of houses — one more pleasant detail. The structure maintains 5 ball hurricane and earthquakes in size to 8 points on scale MSK.

Fourthly, the rotating structure which will allow “to leave in a shade” and to face the sun, depending on desires of inhabitants. All scale of the idea, all technological and ecological aspects, all technical trifles and realization is allows to assume, that houses Patrick Origine are technologies of the future, the concept of the future, the future house.



UFO-House by Solaleya Domes {UFO}