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The Reconstruction: Modern Skyscrapers

Modern skyscraper

The Modern Skyscraper

The structure of modern high-rise buildings though it's limited to often material possibilities, dynamics and legal aspects, undergoes recently a stage there is nobody revival. The list of known building receptions has considerably extended for the account of occurrence of modern building materials, such as for example composite frames from a carbon fiber. Experiments in the field of mechanical systems also far behind.

Emergent (China)

Emergent, China

The majority of skyscrapers, nevertheless, are still equipped by the latent and expensive networks of the communications protected by metal pipelines. However, with the advent of HVAC systems architects have reflected on turn in a building of communicative chains. This movement in architecture — the Structural expressionism — means transformations from the point of view of the form, the organizations or atmospheres. And last is defined by a transparency, exotic illumination and color effects.

Exotic illumination

Quality Tendency of the Skyscrapers

There is something surprising that this building is not in the United Arab Emirates as it's possible to assume, and in China. This project of company Emergent could not be, if there was no necessity to hide an electroconducting wire, cables and HIVAC-system. New City Center Emergent's Huaxi is the new approach to decorating of buildings. Massive as if an iceberg, the building facade amazes a look with the device of the illumination sliding on a facade, it is even more giving similarity to an ice block.