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Special school for especial children

British Architects

In the English city of Gildorfe the school “Pond Meadows”, the design project of an architectural bureau from London, DSDHA has opened. The school is intended for children and teenagers at the age from 2 till 19 years with various difficulties in development.

This project has won award RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects.

In a building there is a pool with hydro-therapy, a touch zone for reading, art studios. Rooms for study are located on building perimetre, for everyone the especial kind and space registration is provided. The design and materials allow to use a sunlight as much as possible long time.

Designers have provided use of various height of windows for different age groups.
It is equipped three internal court yard, one for the elementary grades, the second for seniors and the third — the general zone.

The school became a part of the new educational centre; here it is constructed Christ’s College Secondary School and Guildford Children’s Centre.

Special school for especial children {sunlight}