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Social habitation in Paris

Social habitation

French architectural bureau ECDM has finished building of an apartment house in the north of Paris.

Here it is planned to place students, university teachers and women who require support — so it is spoken in release.

Various wings of a building are identified by colour — designers have thought up the original colour coding. Authors assert, that the concept, ideally corresponds to a district landscape.

The project will play various roles in the future; a stimulator of development, a divider of territory, a link between industrial and commercial buildings. The building place is mastered as follows: here 150 apartments for 170 inhabitants, 19 houses for researchers and the invited professors, and also already mentioned women are created.

Apartment house

In a complex all necessary household equipment is provided. Here there are premises for protection, private rooms for work and study, laundries, rooms for rest, as inside, and on the nature, gardens with fruit trees.

Buildings are focused on the east and the West that allows to protect naturally inhabitants from pollution and the noise connected with road lying nearby. Parametres of volume of four buildings are perfectly integrated into an architectural landscape of district, transition and interaction with the next buildings is conveniently organised.



Social habitation in Paris {social project}