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Goulding Summerhouse [architectural digest]

Location: Enniskerry, Ireland

  • Enniskerry, Ireland
  • Residence in Enniskerry, Ireland
  • Residence in Enniskerry
  • Modern Residence in Enniskerry, Ireland
  • Modern Residence in Enniskerry
  • Summerhouse in Enniskerry, Ireland

Originally designed by Scott Tallon Walker Architects for Sir Basil Goulding in 1971 - 1973 the summerhouse is located on a manicured garden site in Enniskerry, Ireland it was restored 2002. The modern residence is delicately perched on the banks of the Dargle Valley cantilevering the remainder of the 142m2 house over the river, minimally disturbing the natural vegetation.

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Goulding Summerhouse [architectural digest] {Scott Tallon Walker}