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Unusual Loft of the Swedish Artist

Inventive loft

The Unusual Swedish Apartment

This artistic and inventive loft, made of various geometrical forms — spacious and light apartment of famous Swedish artist Carouschka Streijffert.
The atypical interior of the apartment located on an attic of one house in Stockholm, at first sight, can seem freakish or even unusual. Actually, abstract playful forms, co-operating with each other, create the thought about the harmonic space.

Unusual Stockholm Attic

So, for example, a library zone organically is created by from a wooden rack and round windows; also an unusual configuration of a floor and futuristic chair «LC2» by Le Corbusier center on a rug executed under the sketch of the owner of apartment.

A Art Apartments

Artistic apartment
Scandinavian style
Stockholm houses
Unusual loft

One of the basic visual dominants of apartment is the art fireplace artly integrated into a ladder. On the color scale and some other obvious signs, this white interior is close to new Scandinavian style which, like eclectic loft, is formed of pictures, art objects and the interior elements of different Scandinavian epochs.


Unusual Loft of the Swedish Artist {unusual}